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Full-text search at: https://www.loerrach.de
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You can contact the departments and municipal enterprises of Lörrach municipality directly by e-mail or fill in the contact form. For the e-mail addresses of the individual staff, please refer to our phone directory. Please only use e-mail for informal messages, and without encryption and electronic signature.

e-Mail adresses of Lörrach municipality Department/municipal enterprise e-Mail
General address of Lörrach municipality stadt@loerrach.de
Waste water removal (municipal enterprise) abwasserbeseitigung@loerrach.de
Municipal training office ausbildung@loerrach.de
Foreigners' office auslaenderbehoerde@loerrach.de
Construction law baurecht@loerrach.de
Citizen services (department) buergerdienste@loerrach.de
Deputy mayor, secretariat bm-buero@loerrach.de
Dreiländermuseum Lörrach museum@loerrach.de
IT (department) support@loerrach.de
Energy consultation energieberatung@loerrach.de
Lörrach fire department feuerwehr@loerrach.de
Finances (department) finanzen@loerrach.de
Cemetery management (municipal enterprise) friedhoefe@loerrach.de
Lost-property office fundbuero@loerrach.de
Commerce gewerbe@loerrach.de
Land and building management (department) grundstuecks-gebaeudemanagement@loerrach.de
Expert committee gutachterausschuss@loerrach.de
Information and services (registration/passports) buergerservice@loerrach.de
Internet editorial office internetredaktion@loerrach.de
Youth/schools/sport (department) jugend.schulen.sport@loerrach.de
Culture and tourism (department) kultur@loerrach.de
Markets maerkte@loerrach.de
Media design design@loerrach.de
Media and communication (department) medien-kommunikation@loerrach.de
Lörrach Music School musikschule@loerrach.de
Mayor, secretariat ob-buero@loerrach.de
District administration, Brombach brombach@loerrach.de
District administration, Haagen haagen@loerrach.de
District administration, Hauingen hauingen@loerrach.de
Employees zentrale.dienste@loerrach.de
Employees' Council personalrat@loerrach.de
Council work ratsarbeit@loerrach.de
Accounting (department) rechnungspruefung@loerrach.de
Law and foundations (department) recht@loerrach.de
Pensions renten@loerrach.de
Swimming pools (indoor, outdoor park pool) baeder@loerrach.de
Senior citizens seniorenarbeit@loerrach.de
Youths and sports jugend-sport@loerrach.de
Town archives archiv@loerrach.de
Municipal Library stadtbibliothek@loerrach.de
Municipal development and municipal planning (department) stadtentwicklung@loerrach.de
Parks (municipal enterprise) stadtgruen@loerrach.de
Municipal information, general information info@loerrach.de
Youth welfare workers jugend@loerrach.de
Municipal treasury kasse@loerrach.de
Municipal utilities stadtwerke@loerrach.de
Twinned towns staedtepartnerschaften@loerrach.de
Civil register standesamt@loerrach.de
Taxes Caution! Only business tax/property tax/dog tax/entertainment tax! Not income tax! steuern@loerrach.de
Roads/traffic/safety (department) strassen.verkehr.sicherheit@loerrach.de
Tourist information tourismus@loerrach.de
Environment and climate protection (department) umwelt-klimaschutz@loerrach.de
Measurements (department) vermessungsamt@loerrach.de
Municipal insurance versicherungen@loerrach.de
Economic development info@wfl-loerrach.de
Adult education centre vhs@loerrach.de
Road maintenance depot (municipal enterprise) werkhof@loerrach.de
Webmaster webmaster@loerrach.de
Central services and council work (department) zentrale.dienste@loerrach.de

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