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Learning German

Good German language skills will facilitate your integration. The governmentfunded integration courses are the central services offered to learn basic German.

Participation in the integration course is usually voluntary. In some cases, however, the immigration authorities or the Job Centre may require you to participate in such a course. The choice of the language school is up to you.

The immigration counselling centres will help you in your search for a suitable course More information can be found on the homepage of the city. ‘Intregrationskurse für Ausländer-Teilnahme beantragen’

Brief overview of language and integration course providers
(list not exhaustive)

ifas GmbH Lörrach
Brombacher Str. 1+3 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.9 407 430

iOR Sprachschule
Turmstr. 37, 79539 Lörrach | loerrach(at)ior-germany.de 07621.1 627 230

VHS Lörrach
Untere Wallbrunnstr. 2 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.9 567 330

Deutsches Erwachsenen-Bildungswerk gGmbH
Außenstelle Lörrach | Brombacher Str. 3, 79539 Lörrach | 07621.1 610 111

Deutsche-Angestellten-Akademie Gmbh
DAA Hochrhein
Brombacher Str. 3 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.93 460

Additional Information for Refugees

The following information is especially for refugees without recognition of asylum eligibility or a refugee (without subsidiary protection status) before the asylum process; in the asylum process; or with an acceptance. All the aforementioned refugees will find the information within this “Road Map to Lörrach” to also be helpful. See also www.ankommenapp.de www.ankommenapp.de

Good knowledge of German will make life easier in Germany. To learn German, various options are available to you. If you want to take a German course, you should first contact your Social Service Centre.
Integration courses
Ca. 700 lessons, one lesson = 45 minutes)

For refugees entitled to asylum or recognized as a refugee, participation in an integration course is usually mandatory. Integration courses do cost money but case-by-case, the costs maybe recovered later.

For refugees without recognition, participation is voluntary, but not all groups of origin can participate in the courses. Only asylum seekers coming from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and Eritrea who already have asylum approval or proof of registration upon arrival may participate in the integration courses. Likewise, people who have been granted suspension of deportation according to Sect. 60a (2) sentence 3 of the German Residence Act or persons with a residence permit in accordance with Sect. 25 (5) of the Residence Act have the opportunity to take integration courses. In general, the attendance is decided case-by-case.

For these groups, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) issues qualification certificates which the persons must present to an integration course provider within 3 months to register for an integration course. The certificates are issued upon application for asylum or on request from BAMF.
Volkshochschule Lörrach
Untere Wallbrunnstraße 2, 79539 Lörrach

In many living communities, there are volunteers that help with learning German.
For more information, please contact Social Services.

German course from Workgroup Together (Arbeitskreis Miteinander)
Language course for asylum seekers
Ansprechpartner: Bernhard Neth-Schell

Language courses for women/mothers in cooperation with the Schubert-Durand-Stiftung
Contact: 0159.05 240 336

German lessons with Friends Circle: Asylum in Lörrach (Freundeskreis Asyl)

Refugees learning German
Freiburg website for volunteers and refugees who want to practice German with each other
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