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Gruppe von Menschen halten sich die Hände
For a diverse society, it is crucial that all citizens advocate a friendly and open way of dealing with each other and being there for one another. This works particularly well by becoming a volunteer. The following chapter will give a brief overview of the many ways in which you can volunteer in Lörrach.

Political involvement

International Commission in Lörrach
The International Commission is a group from elected city officials, representatives from various charities and elected citizens with migration backgrounds. This commission advices the political boards. The commission also helps politicians with suggestions, proposals and opinions that clarify the wants of the individual populations of immigrants within Lörrach.

The International Commission is an information point for the following subjects:
  • Office for advice for all problems related to immigration and integration in Lörrach
  • Advocates for all issues concerning any problems relating to integration in
    Lörrach. This includes the city’s responsibilities to its new citizen’s legal rights
    and the laws that are in effect.
  • Information for the new citizens regarding the process of local decision making.
  • Procedures for the integration of immigrants
  • Facilitation and encouragement of social, cultural and educational activities
When you are interested in the International Commission, you can register for the next vote. Voters must be over 18 years old, have a migration background, and can speak and understand German.

Participation in Society

Volunteer work gives you the opportunity to get to know people, to voluntarily do something that is meaningful and thereby shape social life in Lörrach. The following groups can be contacted for further information:
Action Third World (Aktion Dritte Welt eV.)
Peter Rapp | Lindbuckweg 23 | 79540 Lörrach | www.aktion-dritte-welt.pcom.de

Amnesty International
Karl-Heinz Stanzick | Postfach 1129 | 79501 Lörrach

Arbeitskreis Miteinander e.V.
Vitus Lempfert | Ringstr. 5 | 79595 Rümmingen | www.akm-loerrach.de

Freundeskreis Asyl Lörrach
koordination(at)freundeskreis.de | www.freundeskreis-loerrach.de

International Read-Aloud Afternoon for Children in the City Library
Stadtbibliothek Lörrach stadtbibliothek(at)loerrach.de 07621.30 44

Immigrant Clubs and Religious Associations

There is an active club life in Lörarch, which also includes numerous immigrant clubs and associations in which you can actively participate and contribute.
Ahmadiyya Lörrach
Zollweg 8 | 79540 Lörrach

CO.AS.SC.IT. e. V. (Italian Club)
Wölblinstr. 64 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.130 553

German-French Coalition
Herr Berthold Hünenberger | dfv-loerrach(at)t-online.de

DITIB Turkish-Islamic Culture Club Lörrach
Spitalstraße 51 | 79539 Lörrach

Fufu Club German-African Club
Im Feldi 53 | 79541 Lörrach | fufu.culture(at)gmail.com | www.fufu-culture.org

Gambische Vereinigung Lörrach

IGMG Fatih Moschee
Schwarzwaldstraße 63 | 79539 Lörrach

Islamic Culture Centre
Teichstraße 45 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.44 988
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