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Health Insurance

Every resident in Germany must have health insurance coverage. There are a great number of health insurance companies in Germany. You will find a selection in the phone book or on the Internet.

You can apply for health insurance coverage with a health insurance company of your choice by
  • applying in person
  • applying through your employer
  • applying through the Employment Agency/Jobcenter
If a married person already has health insurance, that person’s spouse (if unemployed) and the common children (up to a certain age limit) can be co-insured free of charge under a family insurance plan at the same health insurance company.

If your job in Germany is subject to mandatory social insurance contributions, you automatically have health insurance, either as a member of the statutory health insurance plan or of a private health insurance plan.

For more information on the German healthcare system see also https://www.wegweiser-gesundheitswesen-deutschland.de/download

Visits to the doctor

If you or your child are sick, it is best to first see a family doctor in your neighbourhood. If further treatment by a specialist is required, the family doctor will refer you. Many doctors speak several languages.

You can look for doctors in your neighbourhood who speak your language at

What do I do in an emergency?

In an emergency, you have two possibilities:
  • Call 112 if lives are at risk and in serious cases. By calling this number, you are connected to the emergency and rescue services. The phone number is valid throughout Germany.
  • You can also drive to a hospital emergency room if you are capable of doing so. Emergency rooms are open around the clock.

People with Disabilities

Lörrach for everyone
The following Internet site www.loerrach-fue-alle.de is a help for all people with disabilities. This website helps senior citizens, people with disabilities and parents with prams.

Disability Advisory Board
The Disability Advisory Board for the city of Lörrach advises the town council and supports the proposals, suggestions and representation of all questions pertaining to people with disabilities.
Disability Coordinator for the City of Lörrach, 07621.415 307

Additional Information for refugees

The following information is intended for refugees without recognition as asylum-seekers or as refugees (people before the start of the asylum procedure, in the middle of the asylum procedure or people whose deportation has been suspended). Refugees who have been recognized as asylum seekers or refugees can find the information relevant to them on the remaining pages of the guide, which is intended for all migrants.
If you or your child is sick and would like to see a doctor, please contact your Social Service Centre first, if possible. They will refer you to the appropriate doctor and give you the necessary documents.

When you visit the doctor please take the following papers:
  • Your Identificaiton Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Transfer paperwork from the doctor. On this transfer paperwork will be the
    pertinent information for why you are visiting the doctor.
Be on-time for the appointment. Call ahead if you are not able to attend the

The costs of any necessary medical treatments for refugees are paid; however, this only applies if refugees receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act and do not have their own health insurance. The doctor then settles the bill directly with the District Office and integration so that refugees do not have to pay when visiting a doctor. Refugees only receive the most basic medical services during the first 15 months after their arrival in Germany.
What to do in case of an emergency?
There are several options in case of an emergency:
  • Do make sure to directly contact your Social Service Centre if there is one in your area.
  • If there is no Social Service Centre close by, you can dial 112 when a life is at risk and in very serious cases. This number will connect you with the emer gency service, and it applies throughout Germany.
  • If there is no Social Service Centre close by and you are able to do so, you can also drive to the hospital’s emergency department yourself. The emergency departments are open around the clock. However, you should only use this option where a life is at risk and in very serious cases!
Diakonisches Werk Lörrach/ Advisory Centre for asylum seeking refugees
Haagener Straße 27 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.92 630

Trauma Network for displaced persons in county Lörrach
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