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Drei Frauen von jung bis alt
In Lörrach, there are lots of counselling and information centres specifically for women and girls.

The Constitution (Article 3, Paragraph 2) of the Federal Republic of Germany states:
“Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and take steps to eliminate disadvantages that now exist.”

Why are there special services for women and girls?
Women and girls can of course get help with various issues (see respective issue) from any general counselling service. But beyond that, there are certain situations such as being the victim of violence, in which it is important for women and girls to get special help and advice specifically for them.

Here is an overview of central service centres:

Telephone helpline in case of violence against women
(HILFETELEFON bei Gewalt gegen Frauen
Multilingual, around the clock, free of charge 08000.116 016

Independent Women’s House in Lörrach (Autonomes Frauenhaus)
Help with violence | 07621/493 25

Women’s Advisement Center Lörrach (Frauenberatungsstelle Lörrach)
Advises girls aged 14 and older
Humboldtstraße 14 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.87 105

Women helping women (Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.)
Basler Straße 78 | 79539 Lörrach
Postfach 1464 | 79504 Lörrach
Contact: Mrs. Martina Kopf 0 76 21.168 799

Apprenticeships and continuing education for all girls and women from muslim backgrounds
Rathausgasse 6, 79540 Lörrach
07621.1 682 276 | info(at)schubert-durand-stiftung.de

In the chapter ‚Children and Young people‘, you can find contacts for groups like
the SAK and the Dieter-Kaltenbach Stiftung, which also have activities for girls.
Protestant Women’s Club in Brombach (Evangelischer Frauenverein Brombach)
Contact: Heidi Raeder
Hachbergstr. 1 | 79541 Lörrach-Brombach | 07621.51 430

Protestant Women’s Club in Hauingen (Evangelischer Frauenverein Hauingen)
Contact: Maria Rita Kainz
Unterdorfstr. 38 | 79541 Lörrach-Hauingen | 07621.51 530

Women’s Club of Haagen (Frauenverein Haagen)
Contact: Claudia Kubon
Röttler Str. 68 | 79539 Lörrach-Haagen | 07621.52 287

Catholic Women’s Club Brombach-Hauingen-Haagen (Katholische Frauengemeinschaft

Contact: Madlen Rütschle
Webergasse 13 | 79541 Lörrach-Brombach | 07621.53 425

County Women’s Club in County Lörrach (Landfrauenverein Lörrach-Land)
Contact: Karin Grether-Kirchhofer
Hinter den Waldmatten 1 | 79588 Efringen-Kirchen | 07628.22 11
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