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Bahnhof Lörrach

Advisory Service for Migrants

At the Advisory Office for adult Migrants (AOaM) (Migrationsberatungsstellen), you will receive all the information you need to begin your life in Lörrach.

There is a specialized Advisory Office specifically for children and young adults, ages 12 to 27 years, the Young Migrants office (AOaM).

The AOaM has the following information:
  • Placement in an integration course and/or German language course
  • Tips and help to finding a job
  • How to secure a livelihood and social questions
  • Questions about childcare, schools and career apprenticeships
  • Questions about residence in Germany
  • Questions about health
  • Questions to raising a family in Germany
  • Questions about everyday life in Germany
Haagener Str. 15a, 79539 Lörrach | 07621.92 75-11
Mr. Martin Holz martin.holz(at)caritas-loerrach.de
Monday: 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. | Thursday: 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. until 12 p.m | Appointments can be made by calling the office

Riedlistraße 16 | 79576 Weil am Rhein | 07621.974 210
Silvia Frank | Tuesday: 2-5 p.m. (no appointment needed)
Stefanie Jammeh | Tuesday 9:30-12:30 Thursday 14:30-17:30 (no appointment needed)
OR make an appointment by calling the office

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
Spitalstr. 72a, 79539 Lörrach 07621. 70 55 146 | thomas.mainx(at)drk-baden.de
Tue - Fr 8-17 Uhr, Wed via 0173. 142 78 89
Online via mbeon App
People with Migration Background ages 12 to 27 years
Mrs. Dorota Zuberer
Goethestr. 3, 79540 Lörrach-Stetten | 07621.142 03 Mobil 0173.3 210 567
Monday: 10a.m. until 12 p.m., Thursday: 2:30 until 3:30 p.m.
OR make an appointment by calling the office.

Mr. Michael Forouz-Mehr | Haagener Str. 15a | 79539 Lörrach
07621.927 50 Mobil 0173.3 061 150
Make an appointment by calling the office

Integration Commissioner for Lörrach (Integrationsbeauftragte)

Dr. (Mrs.) Inga Schwarz
Stadt Lörrach | 8 floor, room 8.09
Luisenstraße 16, 79539 Lörrach | 07621.415 645

The Integration Commissioner for Lörrach is responsible for the new immigrants and all immigrants that are permanent residents. She coordinates many different aspects of living in Lörrach. Cooperation comes from the District Office, the city’s own infrastructures, Shared-living communities, Caritas and the Diakonie, Continuing Education institutes, and all of the volunteers.

International Commission in Lörrach

  • Office for advice for all problems related to immigration and integration in Lörrach
  • Advocates for all issues concerning any problems relating to integration in Lörrach. This includes the city’s responsibilities to its new citizen’s legal rights and the laws that are in effect
  • Information for the new citizens regarding the process of local decision making
  • Procedures for the integration of immigrants
  • Facilitation and encouragement of social, cultural and educational activities

Meeting Places for People with and without Migration Background

Meeting place for all people from foreign lands and for Germans. Every last Friday in the month (except during school vacation) from 6-8 p.m. at Nellie Nashorn, Tumringer Straße 248.
Every month all citizens with and without migration background are invited to cook and eat together. Meetings include cooking and eating together as well as meeting new contacts and exchanging of recipes. For more information, please visit the Facebook page: ‘Über den Tellerrand kochen Lörrach’

Additional Information for Refugees

The following information is especially for refugees without recognition of asylum eligibility or a refugee (without subsidiary protection status) before the asylum process; in the asylum process; or with an acceptance. All the aforementioned refugees will find the information within this “Road Map to Lörrach” to also be helpful.
Advice Office for Refugees
Rathaus Lörrach, 8 floor room 8.07, 8.08
Luisenstr. 16 | 79539 Lörrach | welcome(at)loerrach.de | 07621.415 641
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. until 12 p.m., Thursday: 3 until 5.30 p.m.

Social Services
The Social Service Centre is the first point of contact for refugees who would like to receive answers to their questions, for example questions concerning the asylum procedure, residence, work, education, housing, school, university studies etc. If necessary, Social Services can refer you to other services. If you live in a refugee centre, there is a Social Service Centre right in your centre. If you live in a residential flat, you will be told which Social Service Centre you can turn to. This is according to where you live in Lörrach:
  • Lörrach City, Stetten, Salzert, Tüllingen   -  Diakonisches Werk
  • Tumringen, Haagen, Hauingen, Brombach   -  Caritasverband
Each refugee centre also has voluntary helpers. These are people who, outside of their work, offer many different services especially for refugees, for example, support during appointments with government agencies or doctors, German courses or sports. Social Services can also help you get in touch with these helpers. If you need an interpreter for an important appointment, please also turn to your Social Service Centre.
A lot of useful information for refugees is available via the smartphone app „Arriving“  (Ankommen), including information on the asylum procedure, work, education, shopping, health, mobility, children, learning German and housing. We strongly recommend taking a look at the information in the app.
Repatriation Counselling
Landratsamt Lörrach
Perspektiv- und Rückkehrberatung für Migranten
Fachbereich Aufnahme und Integration
Palmstr. 3 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.410-53 23

Tracing Service
Counselling centre for tracing and reuniting families, German Red Cross
The tracing service supports people who have been separated from their loved
ones due to armed conflicts, disasters, flight, expulsion or migration

DRK General Secretary
Suchdienst-Standort Hamburg/Familienzusammenführung
Amandastraße 72–74 | 20357 Hamburg | fz(at)drk-suchdienst.de
Mrs. Sieglinde Duderstadt 040.4 32 02-176
Mrs. Inge Filipski 040.4 32 02-221
Mrs. Birgit Giese 040.4 32 02-202

If you want to bring your family to Germany, there is more information under
„marriage, family, partnership“.
Arbeitskreis Miteinander
Chaperonage and Language courses

Freundeskreis Asyl Lörrach
Chaperonage, Language courses, Café Together, Mosaik

Café Together
Tuesday 5-8 p.m., Gretherstraße 8, Meeting place for refugees and

Mosaik – Der Freitagstreff
Friday 5-8 p.m.: Gretherstraße 8, Place to meet for new and old citizens with seminars for everyday problems (1st Friday of the month, beginning at 6 pm)

If you have questions about your asylum procedure, you can contact your Social Service Centre or one of the following legal counselling centres. These can help you answer some of the questions about your asylum procedure.

If you need help from a lawyer in your asylum procedure, your Social Service Centre or the following service centres can help you look for a lawyer. The assistance of a lawyer is associated with high costs as of the first interview. In some cases, there is the possibility of financial support (in the form of „pro bono advice“ and „legal aid“). The legal counselling centres can advise you whether you qualify for financial support.
Amnesty International Freiburg
Counselling regarding the asylum procedure for asylum seekers. Please send an e-mail including your name, country of origin and an indication of how proficient you are in German or English.

Basler Straße 20 | 79100 Freiburg
Tuesday 4-6 p.m.
German, English , others on request
Please bring: all documents that may be relevant to the asylum procedure

Freiburg Forum taking Action against Marginalisation
(Freiburger Forum aktiv gegen Ausgrenzung)

Takes action against all forms of exclusion, among others against the discrimination
of Roma and deportations

Support through legal counselling and the use of a legal support fund of those affected
per Mail and Telephone 0151.28211252
German, English, French, Serbian, Romansh
Please bring: official notices

Refugee Law Clinic Freiburg e. V.
The Refugee Law Clinic Freiburg offers refugees support in legal questions.

Postfach 0543 | 79005 Freiburg
info(at)rlc-freiburg.org | www.rlc-freiburg.org
German, English, French, Spanish, others on request

Services: For refugees: legal counselling during office hours. For supporters: crash courses in migration law
Please bring: interpreter, if necessary

South-Baden Action Group against Deportations
(Südbadisches Aktionsbündnis gegen Abschiebungen)

SAGA was founded in 1991 by several regional groups of refugees. Since then, the anti-racist alliance has been working against impending deportations. SAGA offers place which is open to refugees twice a week. SAGA, among other things, supports the resistance of refugees against the refugee camp system, the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act, the residence obligation and deportations.

Adlerstraße 12 | 79098 Freiburg | 0761.2 088 408 (AB) | 0761.2 088 409
Services: Counselling and support in residence questions
Wednesday 3-6 p.m., Friday 5-8 p.m.

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