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Fünf Jugendliche
There is a wide range of leisure activities and counselling services available for children and young people in Freiburg. You can find out about the wide range of services on the Internet, for example, where to find centres for children and youth centers.

Information, advice and opportunities for children and young people to participate

Social Assistance from the Youth Social Office
Psychological Counselling for Child, Youth and Family
District Office House 4 | Luisenstraße 35 | 79539 Lörrach
07621.410-5353 psychologische.beratungsstelle(at)loerrach-landkreis.de

Social Services
District Office Lörrach | Palmstr. 3 | 79539 Lörrach | 07621.410 50 03

City Youth Ring (Stadtjungendring)
The City Youth Ring is an informational organization that has all information to over 30 children and youth clubs within Lörrach.

County Youth Ring (Kreisjundendring)
The County Youth Ring is an organization with information to children and youth clubs with in county Lörrach.

Altes Wasserwerk/ Sozialer Arbeitskreis (SAK) Lörrach e.V.
Open free-time and vacation supervision, school support (including homework), cultural exchange programs and building supervision.
Tumringer Str. 269 | 79539 Lörrach | http://www.sak-loerrach.de/

Open Programs for children and young people; After-school program; Programs for new young people to Lörrach; Vacation supervision; Youth clubs in all parts of the city
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. | 79540 Lörrach | www.kaltenbach-stiftung.de

Vacation Programs for Children and Young People (Ferienprogramm für Kinder und Jugendliche)
Möglichkeiten der Feriengestaltung für Kinder und Jugendliche

List of Free-Time Activities (Freizeitbörse Lörrach)
A list (not exhaustive) of daily offered activities and vacation supervised activities
in county Lörrach. http://www.freizeitboerse-loerrach-landkreis.de

International Reading Day for Children at the City Library (
Internationale Vorlesenachmittage für Kinder in der Stadtbibliothek Lörrach)

Basler Str. 152 | 79540 Lörrach | 07621.30 44

Kamel-ion Youth Café
School Café for breakfast and lunch
Baumgartnerstr. 27 | 79540 Lörrach

Catholic Youth Office Lörrach (Katholisches Jugendbüro Lörrach)
Turmstr. 2 | 79539 Lörrach

Many clubs offer memberships to children and young people. Around 40 sports clubs with the different activities. Please visit this website for more information: www.sportstadt-loerrach.de. The Theater ‘Tempus fugit’ also offers theater classes for children and young people. The youth clubs for the fire department, German Life Saving Association, Young Men’s Christian Association, Friends of Nature, among other clubs can also been here.
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