• young woman sitting on a landing at Grütt lake
  • Mediterranean climate in the tri-border area

    Lörrach is located in the south of the Markgräflerland and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Even oleander and hibiscus bloom here. The large district town is part of the tri-border area between Germany, France and Switzerland. Alsace and Basel are a stone's throw away.
  • STIMMEN concert at Lörrach market square
  • Lörrach loves art and culture

    Lörrach nurtures an active cultural and performing arts scene. One of the town's highlights is the Lörrach Burghof.Whether music or dance, cabaret, literature or theatre, whether established or experimental, the ambitious programme delights small and big culture lovers alike.
    In the summer, the town is transformed into a stage when the STIMMEN Festival presents international stars and newcomers in rock, pop, jazz, world, classical and choir music.
    Hallo, Salut and Grüezi! The Dreiländermuseum is dedicated to the tri-border area. Visitors can experience the tumultuous history of the region up close.
  • Lörrach's farmers market
  • Enjoy town and nature

    Lörrach is great for shopping, a fact known well beyond the town's borders. The large pedestrian zone hosts numerous boutiques as well as established chains. Restaurants and cosy cafés invite walkers to stop and spend some time.
    Lörrach's weekly market is one of the best farmers' markets in the region. It will spoil you with fresh fruit and vegetables and the finest regional specialities.
    The Skulpturenweg (sculpture route) winds its way right through the town centre, with artworks by Bruce Nauman and Beatrix Sassen, amongst others.
    Lörrach's parks are also worth a look: the small but pretty Hebel Park in the heart of the town, parks like the Grütt, the banks of the Wiese and the protected landscape and bird conservation area at the edge of town are ideal for regenerating with a dose of fresh air and quiet.
  • Children refreshing themselves at the water games at Hebel park
  • A good place to live

    Lörrach's 49,000 inhabitants all agree: it is a good place to live! And news of this has got out, which is why the town is constantly growing. Everything one needs is right around the corner: schools, doctors, weekly markets, and the well-stocked municipal library. 
    Parents appreciate the good child care and the holiday programme. And Lörrach also has much to offer in terms of education and sport.
    Lörrach has excellent connections.The tri-national airport Euroairport, the A 98 and the well-developed bicycle, bus and S-Bahn network connect it to its neighbours and the world. And quite good too, as many Lörrachers work as frontier commuters in neighbouring Switzerland.
  • Hustle and bustle at the annual Milka chocolate feast at the old market square (picture: Florian Weiß, Mondelez International)
  • Purple cows and sustainability

    Every child knows that purple cows graze in Lörrach's fields. That's because the delicious Milka chocolate is made in Lörrach. But other renowned companies have also set up branches here, mainly in the textile, machine construction and auto supplies industries. The Innocel Innovation Quarter is a site for companies in IT and life sciences to work together.
    The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University has over 2,000 students. Its tri-national degree programme is especially appreciated.
    And in matters of urban development, the town also likes to look further afield. Lörrach places great value in sustainable development: it is an award-winning "Energy city" and is working together with its neighbours in Basel and Alsace to develop the metropolitan region of Basel in the context of the tri-national IBA 2020.