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A bird's eye view of Rötteln Castle
How did people live in one of the largest castles in southern Baden? What did they eat? How comfortable is mediaeval armour? You will find answers to these questions and many more on a guided tour of the Rötteln Castle ruins.
A hallmark of Lörrach, Rötteln Castle dominates the landscape high above the Wiese valley. It bears witness to centuries of history. The tour takes you from the dungeon to the museum, along imposing walls up to the upper fort, high up on the tower and deep into the almost 1,000 years of the castle's history.
Group tours and children's tours are also available. Please inquire at the tourist information.

Group tours

You can book group tours for up to 25 people. The fee is € 95 per tour.

Touristinformation Lörrach

Basler Straße 170
(Eingang Untere Wallbrunnstraße)
79539 Lörrach
+49 76 21 4 15-1 20

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