All thanks to the Schlumpf brothers’ passion for collecting. They collected more than 500 models from 1945 until the end of the 1970s. Elaborately restored and brightly polished, from racing cars to luxury limousines – you can see it all here. Complemented by interac­tive animations, simulations and multimedia presentations, this is a perfect museum treat!

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And if you haven't had enough, Mulhouse offers even more:
Europe's largest railway museum is based here, the Cité de Train. The Elektropolis Electricity Museum and of course the Mulhouse Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in France.

You can reach Mulhouse from Lörrach in about 45 minutes by car. For the journey by public transport we recommend the triregio ticket. Travel by train via Basel SBB to reach Mulhouse in about one hour.