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Zwei junge Menschen in der Regio-S-Bahn

Local public transport

Lörrach has a well-developed local public transportation network. Basel can be reached in just a few minutes by Regio-S-Bahn (suburban railway), while the other neighbouring cities and municipalities can quickly and easily be accessed by bus or train. The city buses and the Regio-S-Bahn provide fast and often direct connections within the city and to the districts.
A total of seven city bus lines access all city and districts areas in Lörrach and connect them to the Regio-S-Bahn. In addition to the bus transportation, the “Anrufsammeltaxi” (a call-and-collect taxi service) secures the local public transportation in times of weak demand.
With the further expansion of the city bus network, the city of Lörrach has significantly improved the attractiveness of the local public transportation. Since the summer of 2016, two new lines were added to the city bus transportation. The line 9 connects the district of Salzert to the railway station of Stetten, and as a result also to the Regio-S-Bahn in the direction Basel SBB and Zell im Wiesental. The local bus line 10 accesses the district residential areas and connects them to each other. In addition, the local bus line links Hauingen, Brombach and Haagen to the Regio-S-Bahn.
Furthermore, the regional bus lines connect the city of Lörrach to the neighbouring towns in Kandertal, in the direction of the upper Rhine and in Wiesental.
With this free Bus&Bahn-App by „bwegt - Mobilität für Baden-Württemberg“, phone users with an iPhone or smartphone with Android operating system can access the mobile real-time timetable anytime and anywhere.
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