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The Dinkelberg lies between the Wiese valley and the Rhine. With its easily manageable ascents and descents, it is ideal for tours by e-bike. If you are well trained, you will also get your money’s worth with a touring bike or a mountain bike.
The routes run along the newly signposted cycle trail network of the districts of Lörrach and Waldshut. Therefore, there are no special signs. The routes are easy to find on the Internet with an overview map and detailed information on the tour portals.
The “E-Bike-Touren Dinkelberg & Kleines Wiesental” flyer contains all seven Dinkel­berg tours and an overview map. It is available at the Lörrach tourist information office.

The Dinkelberg & Kleines Wiesental e-bike tours are promoted by the Southern Black Forest Nature Park.

You can also start three of the Dinkelberg tours in Lörrach

Lenght 30 kilometres
Level of difficulty Easy
Altitude difference About 250 metres
Type of route Circular route,
starting point for example at Lörrach main station

The name of the tour is deliberately reminiscent of the popular general knowledge game: the roughly 30 kilometres of the circular route will take you to several different towns, countries and rivers. The tour connects the towns of Grenzach-Wyhlen, Riehen, Lör­rach and Inzlingen, takes you across the countryside at the Chrischona and Rührberg heights and runs along the banks of the Rhine and the Wiese.

Further Information
Length 53 kilometres
Level of difficulty By e-bike medium, otherwise difficult
Altitude difference About 600 metres
Type of route Circular route,
starting point for example in the Grütt landscape park

This almost 53 kilometres long circular trail leads you over the highest points of the Dinkelberg. And rewards your effort with wonderful panoramic views! But the Wiesental-Dinkelberg high-altitude cycle track, with its 600 metres height difference, is also something special: you need either an e-bike or good physical condition for touring or mountain biking. 

Further information

Length 68 kilometres
Level of difficulty Medium, but long
Altitude difference About 450 metres
Type of route Circular route,
starting point for example at the Rosen­felspark

This two-country tour takes you practically around the entire Dinkelberg. And it offers you plenty of variety: you cycle past nature reserves, through the unique bird sanctuary at the Wehra delta, along the green banks of the Wehra, Rhine and Wiese and into the heart of the Rhine metropolis Basel.

Further information

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