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Awarded pumpkin carvings on the pumpkin market

Seasonal Markets

Fresh flowers, shiny pumpkins or a glass of good local wine - seasonal markets attract large numbers of visitors to downtown Lörrach.

Give-and-take market

Books, clothes, toys and everything that it would be a shame to just throw away can be deposited and taken for free here. The give-and-take market is organised by the TUS light athletics division together with the market supervisory authority of Lörrach municipality.

Flower market

The flower market on the old market square (Alter Marktplatz) displays the great variety produced by the nurseries, whose sellers are also always willing to provide good advice. The flower market is held on Alter Marktplatz.

Weindorf (Wine Village)

At the Lörrach Weindorf, the local wineries present their new wines. Unfortunately the wine village could not take place in 2020.

Tüllingen Wine Market

Local wineries present their wines, sparkling wines and spirits. They are served with fresh farmer's bread and grapes. The Wine Market is held in September in the centre of Tüllingen.

Pumpkin Market

The shining pumpkins and a beloved carving competition ensure that the Lörrach Pumpkin Market is a memorable event. Lörrach municipality organises the Pumpkin Market together with six exhibitors as part of the Pro Lörrach Autumn Festival. The market sellers and their many helpers offer everything to do with pumpkins, from the culinary, like pumpkin soup and pumpkin waffles, to the decorative, like decorative pumpkins, to the creative, like the pumpkin carving competition.

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