Lörrach is ideally positioned geographically: it is centrally located in the Dreiland region, where Germany, France and Switzerland border each other. It’s a stone’s throw to the neighbours, so you can easily visit three countries in one day.
A holiday in Lörrach is therefore something very special: it is an excursion into three cultures and their languages. The High Alemannic language area stretches across the borders.
The close connection of the three cultures also makes the Dreiland region particularly exciting for the gourmet palate: Baden, Alsatian and Swiss cuisine and fine regional wines compete for the favour of visitors.
This is also a great place to experience the typical regional traditions and festivals. For example, the colourful spectacle of the Lörrach Carnival attracts a vast crowd of visitors to the town year after year. It's perfect for discovering the cultural similarities and differences between the three countries. Choose your personal highlights from each country and compile your best-of list.