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Vegetables at the weekly market in Lörrach

Weekly Farmers' Markets

Lörrach's markets are diverse, lively and offer the best of what grows and is manufactured in the sunny Dreiland. The weekly farmers' markets draw connoisseurs and the curious from the entire region. Seasonal markets like the flower market, the pumpkin market or the romantic Christmas market also attract numerous visitors to Lörrach's town centre.

The weekly farmers' markets

Of course, the main reason to visit a farmers' market is to fill up your basket with fresh regional fruits and vegetables. But there's also much more: strolling through one of Lörrach's weekly farmers' markets is an experience.
You can see, smell and taste the connection to Nature. The market trader might place cherries and apricots into your basket while telling you how long you can still bake "Chrisiplotzer" (a regional cherry cake) this season. People come to meet each other here before moving to a café for one more espresso.
The richly filled stalls offer a colourful variety of local produce. Fruits, vegetables and eggs, conventional and organic, but also regional pastries, meat, sausages and cheese specialities, pure fruit juices, wine, sparkling wine and fruit spirits. And there are specialities stalls with international delicacies, cut flowers, flower arrangements, field-grown roses and award-winning local organic honey.
Many of the producers have been coming for years - or even decades. And they like coming back. At the same time, new offerings ensure that the weekly farmers' market retains its novelty.
Tuesday, Thursday und Saturday
7:00 - 13:00, Neuer Marktplatz
7:00 - 13:00, Rathausgasse
8:00 - 13:00, Schlosspark
8:00 - 13:00, in front of Schlossberg hall

Weekly market relocation due to a public holiday

If a market day falls on a holiday, the market is brought forward by one day.

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