The large pedestrian zone in Lörrach's centre is perfect for shopping,discovering and passing the time. It boasts a successful mix of boutiques and brand stores. As soon as the sun comes out, life moves outside. The street cafés fill up to the last seat and "dolce vita" sets in.

The town is also known for its diverse, lively markets.The weekly farmers' market is considered to be one of the best in the region. The seasonal markets, the flea market and the Weindorf wine festival also regularly pull in large crowds to Lörrach's town centre. In December, the Christmas market is a major attraction with its lively atmosphere and quality handicrafts.

Lörrach also spoils its guests with a large offering of restaurants, cafés and bars.From Markgräfler specialities fresh from the market to Japanese teppanyaki, from "Badisch" cosy to elegantly modern, there's something for everyone's culinary and aesthetic taste. The tangy wines of Markgräflerland or one of the beers brewed in Lörrach go perfectly with the meals.