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Flags of Europe and the twin towns in Lörrach town hall

Twinned towns

Lörrach is an international town - within the town's community, through its network in the tri-border area and through its twinning with towns across Europe.

Active partnerships

Lörrach's partnerships with towns are managed by its citizens through the association Lörrach International e. V., together with the commissioner for twinned towns of the municipal administration.

Every year, numerous encounters and activities are held in all towns; for example,
  • the twinned towns present themselves at Lörrach's Spring Festival
  • the committee session Sens – Senigallia – Chester – Lörrach
  • the international youth games
  • numerous school exchanges and association meetings
Lörrach has long maintained active partnerships with the towns of Sens (France, since 1966), Senigallia (Italy, since1986), Meerane (Saxony, since1990) and Chester (England, since 2002).

Lörrach also maintains connections to other towns: Vyshhorod (Ukraine, since 1999), Lubliniec (Poland, regional district partnership since 1999) and Edirne (Turkey, since 2005). In May 2011 the contact between Lörrach and Edirne was officially upgraded to a twinning.

The partnership with Sens was focused on forgiveness after the war, and that with Meerane on supporting the twinned town on the way to a market economy and municipal self-administration. Historical relations between Sens and Senigallia resulted in the subsequent twinning with Lörrach. The twinning with Chester then formed a clover leaf of partnerships, as all four towns are twinned to each other.

Today the town alliances have new aims: creating connections between the citizens of the towns through activities at all levels of social life, and thus participating in creating a European consciousness.
All citizens are invited to participate in shaping the activities with twinned towns!
Sonja Raupp

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Sonja Raupp   Stellvertretende Fachbereichsleiterin Kultur und Tourismus
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