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Kirche St. Otilien Tüllingen
Lörrach incorporated the neighbourhood of Tüllingen on 1 October 1935 as the unification of the two village parts of Upper and Lower Tüllingen. This required the dissolution of the municipal association of Tüllingen and Tumringen; this not only gave Lörrach two new neighbourhoods but strengthened its economic and political significance vis-à-vis neighbouring Basel.

Some 1,400 of Lörrach's inhabitants live in the Tüllingen neighbourhood on Tüllingen Hill. With its altitude, up to 460 metres above sea level, "the Tüllinger" offers a view of the tri-border area, the Rhine bend and the surrounding municipalities of Lörrach, Weil am Rhein and Basel. This location is useful for weather stations, but more traditionally it has been ideal for planting fruits and vines and producing the Markgräfler wine.
Tüllingen coat of arms
Wappen Tüllingen
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