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Brombacher Schlössle
With some 6,400 inhabitants, Brombach is Lörrach's largest district. A school, a kindergarten and the many shops make Brombach an attractive place to live.

You can find the district's administration, the district mayor and the Lörrach civil registration office in the idyllic Brombacher Schlössle in Ringstraße 1. Two rooms, a hall and the tower room are available for weddings. The hall is also where the Brombach district council meets.

Brombach is surrounded by meadows and woods that are perfect for walks. With an altitude of 310 to 320 metres, its climate is determined by its position between the Dinkelberg to the south and the foothills of the southern Black Forest to the north.
The traditional "Schlossgrabenfest" (castle moat feast) is always held on the third weekend in September. Organised with lots of creativity by the association IG Schlossgrabenfest, the cosy feast attracts locals and visitors to the castle park and its surroundings with its many culinary and entertainment highlights.

A large number of associations ensures that there's something for everyone all year round. You can make use of the associations' offers and also participate.

Ortsverwaltung Brombach

Ringstraße 1
79541 Lörrach
District: Brombach
+49 76 21 4 15-3 67
Brombach coat of arms
Wappen Brombach
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