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The Welcome Centre additionally functions as a coordination centre for social support, which in Lörrach is provided by the associations Caritas and Diakonisches Werk. The connection of the integration managers to the Welcome Centre ensures that the integration process of refugees is developed together and based on actual needs.
With the help of individual integration plans and associated objectives, the needs of the new residents regarding the integration process are identified and their progress inspected. Objectives of the support include successful language acquisition, help with the search for private accommodations and disengagement from benefits. Strengthening independence is a major focus.
The Welcome Centre and the associated integration managers are currently financed for two years through funds from the State of Baden-Württemberg's Pact for Integration.
Maximilian Schmalz

Your contact person

Maximilian Schmalz   Koordinator des Welcome-Centers für Geflüchtete
Telefon: 0 76 21 4 15-6 41  m.schmalz@loerrach.de  further information
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