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Summer festival of the International Commitee Lörrach

International Committee Lörrach

The International Committee consists of municipal councils, citizens with professional expertise, and selected citizens with an immigrant background.
It supports the municipal council and the main committee by making proposals, recommendations and statements on all issues relating to migrants living in Lörrach, and is significant in promoting understanding between the different populations. 

The International Committee is the contact point for
  • Advice with general problems
  • Representing the general interests and issues at municipal institutions in accordance with the law on giving legal advice
  • Participation in municipal decision processes
  • Measures for further integration
  • Promotion of social, educational and cultural activities
Yvonne Eyhorn

Your contact person

Yvonne Eyhorn   Stellv. Fachbereichsleiterin, Teamleiterin Soziales/Zuschüsse, Geschäftsstelle internationale Kommission, Kriminalprävention
Telefon: 0 76 21 4 15-249  y.eyhorn@loerrach.de  further information
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