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People in the Hebel park
On 01/07/2019, 554 refugees lived in Lörrach in subsequent accommodation.
The 554 refugees living in Lörrach as of 01/07/2019 come from the following countries:

Syria 218
Afghanistan 51
Gambia 53
Iraq 33
Eritrea 35
Pakistan 31
Nigeria 28
Iran 21
Weitere 83
The care for refugees is commissioned by the town and implemented by the social workers of Caritas and Diakonisches Werk who work in integration management. Needs-oriented social support is implemented in connection with the Welcome Centre established for this purpose. It serves as a central point of contact for refugees in the town hall and for the coordination of social support.
The Welcome Center falls under the responsibility of the integration officer, who is responsible for all migrants in Lörrach. On refugee-related matters, she works closely with the coordinator of the Welcome Centre.
Volunteer support is provided by the volunteers of the Arbeitskreis Miteinander and Asyl associations.
Would you like to volunteer with refugees?

Contact the "Arbeitskreis Miteinander" or "Freundeskreis Asyl" directly:
Another possibility for volunteer work is to participate in the residents' council that is called into life upon the establishment of new accommodations. The council acts as an interface between the residents, the refugees living in the subsequent accommodations, the workers in integration management, the volunteers and the town administration. A council is active in Haagen and another will be created in 2019 for the accommodation in the town centre.

Contact Person

Maximilian Schmalz
Koordinator des Welcome-Centers für Geflüchtete
Tel. 0 76 21 / 4 15 641
Fax 0 76 21 / 4 15 501
E-Mail: m.schmalz@loerrach

Maximilian Schmalz
Koordinator des Welcome-Centers für Geflüchtete
+49 76 21 4 15-6 41
+49 76 21 4 15-5 01
Dr. Inga Schwarz
+49 76 21 4 15-6 45
+49 76 21 4 15-5 01
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