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Full-text search at: https://www.loerrach.de
Cooking together in the "Kitchen on the run" project
The town's integration officer is responsible for the issues facing migrants, both old and new, and is the contact person regarding the subject. She coordinates the town's integration offerings and the refugee work in collaboration with the regional administration, the municipal institutions, the civil society organisations, the integration management, the further education providers, and the many citizens who volunteer to help the refugees.
The brochure "Guide for migrants in Lörrach"  provides an overview of basic information and contact details on relevant topics like issues of law relating to aliens, learning German etc. and also lists current offerings. The brochure is available in eight languages.
For refugees, Lörrach's Welcome-Centreis the first place of contact.
Lörrach provides numerous intercultural events that promote living together.
Through volunteer workthe citizens of Lörrach greatly contribute to integration.
Dr. Inga Schwarz

Your contact person

Dr. Inga Schwarz   Integrationsbeauftragte
Telefon: 0 76 21 4 15-6 45  i.schwarz@loerrach.de  further information
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