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Deputy Mayor Monika Neuhöfer-Avdić

Deputy Mayor Monika Neuhöfer-Avdić

Monika Neuhöfer-Avdić was elected Deputy Mayor of Lörrach in April 2018 by the municipal council and took on her functions on 1 June 2018.
"Designing architecture, the town and its processes with passion: My goal is to improve the lives of Lörrach's inhabitants through urban design. My task is to influence the settlement, mobility and free space factors in such a way that the conditions are improved for all population groups.
Lörrach should be a town for the people who live here and for future generations. This is a main element of the town's development policy and can only be successful through dialogue with the community.
Get involved and shape the town with us!"
Monika Neuhöfer-Avdić was born on 26 August 1972 in Bonn. She is married with four children.

1992 Abitur at the Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium in Cologne
1992 - 2000 Studied architecture with a focus on urban and regional planning at Aachen University of Applied Sciences
2000 - 2002 Employed as an architect and city planner in Aachen
2003 - 2008 Freelance work as an architect and city planner
2009 - 2015 Director of the Building Authority of Grenzach-Wyhlen
2015 Graduation from the degree programme in urban development and city planning at RWTH Aachen
2016 - 2018 Director of the Urban Development and City Planning Department in Lörrach
2018 Elected Deputy Mayor

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