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Culture and events centre Burghof
The culture and events centre Burghof Lörrach is a magnet for visitors from the region and, together with its STIMMEN Festival, is a hallmark of Lörrach. Both the Burghof's architecture and its programme are distinctive; it is the cultural home for many people from the town, the region and further afield. It is a place in which to meet, celebrate and appreciate art and a marketplace of ideas, a haven of poetry and cultural education. With its cultural programme consisting of music, dance, cabaret, literature, children's theatre and much, much more, the Burghof combines the familiar with the new, the established with the experimental, regional roots with a global horizon.
The Burghof is also available for private and guest events. Fairs, conferences and seminars, weddings, birthdays or company jubilees can all be celebrated in the special atmosphere of the Burghof Lörrach, turning your event into a unique experience.

Burghof Lörrach Kultur- und Veranstaltungs GmbH

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79539 Lörrach
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