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Volltextsuche auf: https://www.loerrach.de
Plakat Maskenpflicht in der Fußgängerzone

The state of Baden-Württemberg has amended the Corona-Ordinance. The measures apply from november 2nd to November 30th.

  • reduce personal contacts to a minimum.
  • Meeting or celebrating in private or public space with a maximum of 2 households or if all are related. In all cases: maximum 10 persons.
    Related means persons who are related in a straight line: grandparents, parents and children as well as their respective spouses, life partners, partners
  • Meetings of persons from only one household is possible in unlimited numbers. However, no further persons from a second household are allowed to join.

In addition to the previously valid regulations, there is a mask obligation

  • at all markets, fairs and exhibitions.
  • at public events. If a minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be ensured by structural or organizational measures, the covering can be temporarily removed at public events.
  • in public facilities as well as in publicly accessible outdoor areas, if there is a risk that the minimum distance cannot be maintained.
  • in the pedestrian zone
  • In secondary schools from grade 5 and in vocational schools also in class

- In universities also on the seats

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  • Events that serve entertainment purposes are generally no longer permitted.
  • Cultural and leisure facilities will be closed to the public, e.g. theaters, operas, museums, concert halls, clubs and discotheques, cinemas, indoor and outdoor leisure attractions, amusement arcades, casinos, betting shops
  • The retail trade remains open. Masks and spacing rules continue to apply.
  • Only one customer may be present per 10 square meters of sales area. In stores with less sales area only one customer is allowed.
  • Avoid queues
  • Controlled access
  • Cosmetic, tattoo and piercing studios are closed
  • Medical treatments are possible
  • Hairdressing salons and solarium opened under hygiene conditions
  • Prostitution facilities are closed
  • renouncement of private journeys as well as visits of relatives
  • Accommodation offers not for tourist purposes. This also applies to camping sites. Permanent camping is still allowed
  • Business, necessary trips and overnight stays allowed
  • Public and private sports facilities are closed to the public, for example: fitness and yoga studios, swimming and fun pools (still open for school and study), thermal baths and saunas, dance schools, sports facilities of all kinds of clubs and associations
  • Sporting alone, in pairs or with members of your own household on public or private sports facilities is permitted.
  • Training and events of top-class and professional sports possible without spectators
  • Sports allowed on extensive facilities such as golf courses, tennis courts or riding arenas

  • playgrounds remain open
  • Educational institutions and kindergartens remain open

  • services and funerals allowed under hygienic conditions

Telephone hotline at the State Health Office

For all questions about the coronavirus, the State Health Office has set up a hotline for citizens. You can reach the staff on weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm by telephone at (49) 711 /904 39555.

Telephone hotline at the District Office Lörrach

For county citizens has set up a hotline. Under the number 07621/410-8971, employees of the District Office are available Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 am and Thursday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm for questions about suspected cases of corona and COVID19 disease.

You can also use the e-mail address covid19@loerrach-landkreis.de

Information on the current situation in the Landkreis Lörrach can be found on the Website of the district Lörrach.

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