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Synchronrutschen auf der großen Rutsche im Parkschwimmbad

Season 2020 opening hours

The Parkschwimmbad Lörrach is open from 29.06.2020 to 13.09.2020. The opening hours are splitted into two time slots from Monday to Sunday:
  • 9:00 - 13:30
  • 15:00 - 20:00
The maximum number of visitors in both time slots shall be restricted due to hygiene regulations and protective measures. Admission is open until 45 minutes before closing time.

Online ticketing system

An online ticketing system has been introduced in order to comply with the set limit of visitors.

The online ticket is only valid on a specific day and for a specific time slot. Your visit to the swimming pool can be booked three days in advance. You cannot purchase online tickets for several days and time slots at the same time because it is important to prevent the ticket quota from being blocked. You can only make a new booking for another day after a booked time slot has elapsed. No tickets can be purchased on site at the ticket office.

Admission is only possible with a valid QR code. The presentation of the invoice or order confirmation cannot be accepted as an admission ticket.

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Admission prices from 29.06.2020

Single entry Category Price
Single entry adults (from 15 years) 4.00 €
Single entry children (from 6 to 14 years) 2,50 €
Infants (up to 5 years) Free

Additional information

  • The age limit will be relaxed during the summer holidays. An adult companion is then only required for children and young people up to the age of eleven years, and young people from the age of 12 are allowed to enter the park swimming pool alone.
  • All visitors, including infants, who can visit free of charge, also require an online ticket or reservation, since this is the only way to plan the number of guests and comply with the upper visitor limit.
  • Only single tickets can be purchased via the online ticketing system. We are no longer able to sell Dutzendcoins, annual and season tickets until regular operations can be resumed.
  • In addition to Paypal, the payment methods direct debit, immediate bank transfer and GiroPay are now also available. One ticket per day can be purchased for the next three days.
  • The annual tickets shall be extended by the duration of the closure period. Holders of annual ticket can continue to use them, but must also obtain a free online ticket.
  • Hansefit members and Vivao-Sympany members must also obtain a free online ticket before visiting the swimming pool.
  • The attractions in the swimming pool are now temporarily open: From Monday, August 3rd, in addition to the slide, the baby pool will also be temporarily open in the mornings and afternoons. At the baby pool, parental supervision applies and the distance rules must be observed. From Monday, 27 July 2020, the slide will be temporarily open in the morning and afternoon. The pool management reserves the right to close the attractions if the Corona regulations are not observed.
  • The jumping pool is newly opened for the aqua joggers. This creates a separate area for this user group and the swimmer pool has more capacity for swimmers.
    Jumping from the diving tower is still not possible.

Questions & answers regarding your visit to the swimming pool

Our pool has two opening slots from Monday to Sunday:
  • 9:00 - 13:30
  • 15:00 - 20:00
Admission is permitted until 45 minutes before the end of the time slot.
You cannot re-enter the facility during the time slot (even with an annual ticket).

Your online ticket entitles you to visit the Parkschwimmbad within the reserved time slot. It is up to you when you access the pool during your time slot, but all guests must leave the pool at the end of the slot so that a thorough cleaning and disinfection can be carried out in addition to the regular cleaning and disinfection.
Admission prices per time slot
  • Adult rate from 15 years: 4.00 €
  • Children from 6 to 14 years: 2.50 €
  • Infants under 5 years: free
The obligation to wear a mask (mouth and nose protection, everyday mask, cloth, scarf) also applies in the swimming pool. It applies in the entrance area, at the exit, in the cash desk and changing room area as well as in the sanitary facilities and in signposted areas. Especially in the entrance area, the pool management asks guests to wear the mask before entering the entrance area in order to avoid crowds of people looking for the mouth and nose cover. Children under six years of age and persons with a medical certificate are excluded.
The kiosk is open with a smaller range, please pay special attention to the social distancing rules and follow the posted regulations. Group formation should be avoided and our rental services (e.g. table tennis, chess) are unfortunately not available at the moment.
We have to impose a daily limit on visitors and a limit on the number of people in the pools due to the increased hygiene regulations and protective measures.
A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained in the pools and we appeal to your personal responsibility here! Please follow the signage.

Lines are drawn in the sports pool. The number of people allowed per pool is limited, which means that the minimum distance can be maintained.

The minimum distance must also be maintained on the playground and access must be restricted. The football field and the beach ball field can only be used as a sunbathing area for the time being.
It is important to register so that in the event of an infection with Covid-19, it is possible to trace which persons were in the pool at the same time. Your data will be deleted after 4 weeks as required by law.
Online ticketing & reservation
The Stadtwerke Lörrach has temporarily introduced an online ticketing system in order to simplify the handling of the legally prescribed restriction on the number of visitors in the interest of all those involved. Visitors using the online ticketing system avoid travelling unnecessarily and being denied admission to the swimming pool.

No, the online ticket corresponds to the current admission fee.

No, this is unfortunately not possible due to organisational reasons. The ticket can only be obtained online before visiting the swimming pool.
Nein. Sie können kein Eintrittsticket vor Ort kaufen. Selbiges gilt auch Besitzer von Jahreskarten. Es findet kein Verkauf vor Ort statt.

Generell gilt: Ohne gültiges Online-Ticket kann Ihnen kein Einlass gewährt werden! Dies gilt auch für Mitglieder von Hansefit, Besitzer der Sympany-ClubCard, Kleinkinder unter 6 Jahren, Dienstsport, Begleitpersonen etc.
Sadly this is not possible. Please get in touch with family or friends who can handle the purchase of the online ticket for you. You can also purchase your ticket at the Lörrach Tourist Information Office.
A ticket is only valid for a specific day and only for the time slot you have chosen.

A refund is not possible. No refunds can be given even in the event of bad weather or the like. There is no cancellation. Please keep this in mind before purchasing your online ticket.

No. Your child also requires an online ticket since this is the only way to plan the number of guests and comply with the upper visitor limit.
You can decide at very short notice and as long as our visitor quota is not reached, you can buy an online ticket yourself on the day of your visit. This is also possible during a time slot that has already commenced. You can also conveniently purchase a ticket on your smartphone while on the move and present it on the display of your device when you arrive at the ticket office. If there are no more tickets available, the visitor quota is already fully booked.
Spontaneous visits without prior purchase of an online ticket are not possible in light of the current situation. Tickets are not sold on site. Each visit is subject to a ticket purchased online in advance for all persons wishing to visit the pool.
The number of guests is limited per day and time slot. If these can no longer be booked, the available quota is full.
Annual tickets, subscriptions & discounts
The annual tickets shall be automatically extended by the duration of the closure time and you can use your annual ticket. Book your online ticket for your preferred time slot and check the box next to "Annual ticket". You will have to show your annual ticket at the cash desk without being asked, so that it can be read into the system.

The bathing days closed due to the Corona regulation of the country are credited to the annual tickets. The extension is automatic.
No. We regret that due to the current guidelines, Dutzendcoins cannot be used. They shall retain their validity.
Annual season tickets for the Lörrach swimming pools are extended. The pool days closed due to the Corona regulation of the state are credited to the annual tickets. The extension takes place automatically.

The tickets were extended as follows:

Annual season tickets expired...

... by 29 February 2020: have expired / cut-off date 29.02.2020
... between 01.-31. March: extension until 31.07.2020
... between 01. - 30. April: extension until 31.08.2020
... between 01 - 31 May: extension until 30.09.2020
... between 01 - 30 June: extension until 31.10.2020

Annual ticket currently valid

from 01.07.2020: extension is expiry date + 5 months

A new sale of annual tickets is currently not possible! There is no sale on site.

We have to suspend the sale of tickets and coins for as long as regular operations cannot be resumed. You can currently only purchase single tickets online.
The accompanying person is no longer free of charge under corona conditions, but requires a regular admission ticket.
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