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Full-text search at: https://www.loerrach.de
Bilck von der Burg auf Lörrach

Guide for migrants in Lörrach

Who can advise me when I have recently arrived in Lörrach? Where can I learn German? How do I find a kindergarten or school for my children? How can I be active in Lörrach and meet people? These questions, and many more, are frequently asked by new arrivals to Lörrach.
The Guide for migrants in Lörrach bundles together information on these and many other questions and provides an overview of existing offerings for people with an immigration background in Lörrach. We hope that it will serve as a reference text for both new arrivals and people who have already been in Lörrach for a while and will help them settle in the town.

Here you can view the Guide in eight languages:
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