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Flag with "Hostelling International" lettering in front of Lörrach Youth Hostel

Youth hostel

Are you on a school trip to three countries? Or looking for a conference site for your large group? Then spend the night at the Hellmut Waßmer Youth Hostel in Lörrach.
Idyllically located at the edge of the forest, it is a great place to work and relax between excursions to Lörrach and the Dreiland. Enjoy the calm and the fantastic view of the town. The numerous sport and recreation options of the hostel ensure that no one will get bored.
Guests of all ages are welcome! Areas of the youth hostel are barrier-free.
Youth Hostel Lörrach is excluded from the KONUS guest card.

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All the information is based on what the hosts have provided us. We are not responsible for its completeness and correctness. Prices may vary depending on the season.


+49 76 21 4 15-1 20
Haus Sonne
Basler Straße 170
79539 Lörrach
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