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Full-text search at: https://www.loerrach.de
View from the roof terrace of the Town Hall - a delegation of the City of Basel is led by Monika Neuhöfer-Avdic
A guided tour is a good idea for many occasions: take your school class to discover the important sites in Lörrach's history up close, or listen to the stories of Rötteln Castle on your club outing.

If your group speaks French or English, get in touch. We'll find the right tour for you.
  • Group size: Maximum 30 people
  • Length: around 90 minutes


Thematic tours € 70/tour
Experience tours and bicycle tours € 95/tour
Graffiti and castle tours € 95/tour (maximum 25 people)

Touristinformation Lörrach

Basler Straße 170
(Eingang Untere Wallbrunnstraße)
79539 Lörrach
+49 76 21 4 15-1 20
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