The Wiese springs forth in the coolness of the Black Forest, runs like a green artery through Lörrach and flows into the Rhine near Basel. It is a place for regeneration and recreation for visitors and Lörrachers alike. People come to enjoy the sun on its banks, walk, jog, take the dog out, or cycle with the racing bike or e-bike.

Nature, calm and the quiet gurgling of the water carry away the turmoil of the town. The jetties of the Rossschwemme are perfect for sunbathing. At the edge of the meadow, barbecue sites are great for a get-together.

Lörrach – a town by the river

Lörrach partly owes its boom in the 19th century to the Wiese, as it was vital to the textile industry. At that time the river was straightened and run through a hard channel, in part to protect the industries settled along its banks from flooding.

Back then Lörrach's river did not just serve for recreation: clothes were washed, livestock was watered and the brewery horses bathed in it. That is the origin of the name "Rossschwemme" - the place for bathing horses.