The old Lörrach neighbourhood of Tüllingen is idyllically located at the Tüllinger Hill. Visitors to the quiet wine village are rewarded by impressive panoramas: from the Tüllinger one has a wonderful view onto the tri-border area, the Rhine bend, Lörrach, Weil am Rhein and Basel. When visibility is good you can even see the Vosges mountains and the Swiss Jura.

Orchards and vineyards on the Tüllinger

Fruits and grapes are grown on the Tüllinger. Thanks to the mild climate, the best Markgräfler wine is grown on the southwestern slope. In autumn, and sometimes in spring, farmers and winemakers open up their barns and cellars to visitors. The rustic Straussen - wine taverns, called "Straußis" in Allemanic - serve homemade wines and specialities.

Not just for nature lovers: the Tüllinger protected landscape

Today large areas of the Tüllinger are protected landscapes and bird conservation areas. With some luck, you will spy one or more of the 21 species of birds on the "red list" that breed on the Tüllinger.

The Tüllinger is good for walks and hikes in all seasons. One great excursion is the Tüllinger Wine Route.

St. Odile Church in Obertüllingen

Almost at the top of the hill, in Obertüllingen, stands the little St. Odile Church. Standing on the church's stone terrace, one has a breathtaking view, from the Black Forest to the Jura and the southern Vosges. There are many legends around the St. Odile Church, which was first mentioned in 1173; it is known as one of the mythical places along the Upper Rhine.