The Villa Rustica is not special for its size or furnishings - it was a small estate of the simple rural population. What is special about it is its location. The surviving wall foundations are on a terrace overlooking the peaceful Wellental. It is surrounded by fields and orchards.

The antique estate probably succumbed to a fire - much to the delight of the archaeologists. For in one of its cellars, they made a wonderful discovery: 15 apples from the Roman period. The only ones in the world to have survived, thanks to carbonisation. Beside them were agricultural tools, hunting weapons and other artefacts. Some of the finds are displayed in the Dreiländermuseum.

The best way to get to the Villa Rustica is on foot. Follow the Roman road - as the Romans once did - over the Brombacher Bühl. Signposts will lead you to the estate.

Alternatively, you can plan your visit as part of the Upper Rhine Roman Cycling Route: Cycle from Grenzach-Wyhlen to Offenburg on the trail of the Romans.

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