A gem near the centre: the romantic Aichele Park

The Aichele Park will enchant you with its elegant villa and the old exotic trees. It is an oasis of calm right by the lively town centre.
The romantic park owes its name to the villa of the Aichele manufacturing family from the 19th century. The Rococo shapes and Jugendstil design elements give it a playful lightness.
The Aichele Park is right by the Burghof/Museum station. Visitors to Lörrach can walk to the city through the park. It is also perfect for a quick break from the city under the shade of the trees.
There is something to discover in every corner of the park: stone sculptures, exotic plants, a UNICEF children's rights tree, and witnesses of World War II.

Aichelepark with Villa

Green breather at the edge of the pedestrian zone: the Hebel Park

The Hebel Park is a stone's throw from the train station. Its old trees are as inviting as its cosy facilities.
In 2016 it was given a facelift, and since then the Hebel Park is even more inviting. Extra-long wooden benches and curved deck chairs call on visitors to sit down and enjoy the moment. 
The front area, open to the pedestrian zone, is perfect for small children. They can play to their heart's content with the trick fountains, the trampolines and other playground equipment - while their parents relax in view. 
And over it all, the Allemanic poet Johann Peter Hebel keeps watch. In the centre of the park, an oversized statue commemorates the favourite poet of Lörrach.

The newly designed Hebelpark

The Rosenfels Park: mammoth swings and concerts

The Rosenfels Park is a wonderful park at the foot of Villa Rosenfels, boasting old trees, an animal enclosure and an acoustic shell.
Located at the edge of the Rosenfels Campus, 500 metres from the Burghof/Museum station, the Rosenfels Park is great for walks alone, with your significant other or with your dog. Or just for relaxing on the grass, reading a book on one of the benches, or watching the old men play boules. One can also attend concerts there. In fact the final week of the STIMMEN Festival takes place around the park's acoustic shell.
The animal enclosure with sheep, goats and a colourful mix of birds, and the small playgrounds, are good places for families to take their children. But the park's best-kept secret is its mammoth swings. Toward the back of the park, the branches of a giant tree reach down all the way to the ground. Perfect for climbing and swinging!

Animal enclosure in Rosenfelspark

The Grütt Park: the green lung of Lörrach

Lörrach's largest park was created on the occasion of the horticultural show of 1983. With its lake, groves of trees and nature discovery path, the Grütt has become one of the favourite relaxation sites in Lörrach.
It can be reached on foot from the town centre in just 20 minutes. The park covers an area of 51 hectares. That's the size of some 70 football fields - a gigantic local recreation area with something for everybody.
One of the attractions is the lake, whose panorama is not just enchanting in the summer. Some of the park's grassy fields are left to Nature, because the Grütt is a water protection area and a water drainage basin.
The Grütt Park is beloved as a recreational destination by children as well as adults. It offers a nature excursion path, a rose garden, cafés, restaurants, and even a camp site. Bicycle and walking paths run through the park, as do the Graffiti Bridge Gallery and the "Hebelwanderweg" (Hebel hiking route). For sportier visitors, the park offers running tracks, a small outdoor gym, a pump track, a skating rink and a disc golf course.
Others come for the wide meadows, barbecue spots and football goals, perfect for picnics and playing. The Grütt Park's adventure playgrounds, like the little water playground with a raft, are especially loved by children.
 Grüttpark - former state garden show grounds