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Hikers in Markgräflerland
Hike through Lörrach on this classic trail! The West trail is the oldest and best known long-distance hiking trail in the Black Forest. As long ago as 1900, the Black Forest Association laid it out as the first long-distance hiking trail in Germany. In its entire length it stretches over about 285 kilometres from Pforzheim to Basel. And in its western variant through Lörrach.

The West trail is considered to be one of Germany's top trails. It has been awarded the title "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland" and is part of European Long Distance Hiking Trail E1. From the North Cape to Sicily.

The West trail has 12 stages in one variant and 13 stages in another. From Lake Titisee it runs in an eastern and a western variant. The western variant leads through Lörrach:

12th stage (West): Kandern - Basel (22.5 kilometres)

Let's go to the final leg of the West trail's western variant. Comfortable forest paths lead you through magnificent beech forests to the mighty castle ruins of Rötteln. Here, below the castle buildings, you will find the gate to the West trail.

Afterwards it goes through the noble Tüllinger vineyards to the goal of the West trail: Basel. Surprisingly green, the West trail leads right into the heart of the Swiss metropolis, situated on the Rhine knee.

You can redeem your West trail stamp cards at the tourist information office in Lörrach.
Here you will find further information about the West trail and about the individual stages of its western variant.

Touristinformation Lörrach

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