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Cyclist in the Tüllinger vineyards with Rötteln castle in the background
Did you know that wine is made in Lörrach? On Tüllinger, Lörrach's local hill, a wine trail invites you to discover wine being made near Lörrach. On the roughly two kilometre long, tarred Tüllinger wine trail, you will walk right through the vineyards.

You can read about wine-making on Tüllinger on several information boards along the side of the trail. And you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Wiese valley and the wide Rhine valley. Small wine taverns by the side of the trail invite you to stop by for refreshment.

The Tüllinger wine trail is part of the wine trail through Dreiland.
The wine trail trough Dreiland consists of three individual wine routes, and you can easily do all three:

The Tüllinger wine trail 1, 7 kilometres
circular trail
The Weiler wine trail 3,9 kilometres
stretch from Altweil to Ötlingen
The Riehener wine trail 3,4 kilometres
circular trail

The first cross-border wine trail in the region connects the three municipalities of Lörrach, Weil am Rhein and Riehen in Switzerland. You can walk it comfortably in two to three hours.

Along the way, 50 theme boards will inform you about the region's wine: about the location, the wines, the landscape, nature and the winegrowers' daily lives.
Every two years in August, you can experience a fiery event if you happen to be hiking and enjoying yourself amidst the vineyards on Tüllinger hill. Treat yourself to local wines and regional delicacies while enjoying a magnificent view over Dreiland.

As soon as it gets dark, things really get going. Over a distance of 4 kilometres, burning torches and bonfires light up the trails, creating a unique atmosphere.

Further information about the wine trail in flames

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