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Hikers in the hills of Lörrach with Rötteln Castle in the background
Walk in the footsteps of Alemannic dialect poet Johann Peter Hebel. The Hebel hiking trail takes you from Feldberg to Basel in about 60 kilometres. Its route reflects Hebel's Alemannic poem "Die Wiese".

It follows the Wiese river from its source at Feldberg to Schifflände in Basel. At the side of this literary hiking trail, several information boards inform you about Hebel and his work.

You can also walk the Hebel hiking trail in the opposite direction or in stages. Nearby you will find rest points and public transport stops.
Coming from Steinen, there is an information board at the Hauingen church, where Hebel's parents were married. From Hauingen you can make a detour to Brombach. Here there is a memorial stone by sculptor Rudolf Scheurer and an information plaque to commemorate the death of Hebel's mother.

The main path continues along the Wiese to Haagen until it reaches a wooden bridge in "Grütt". From the Grütt landscape park, it continues along Haagener Street to the railway station square. There an information board refers to the tale of the miller from Brassenheim.

The path continues via Turm Street and the Market Place to the Dreiland museum. Here the next board reports about Hebel's time in Lörrach. He taught and lived in the "Pädagogium" that was housed in the museum building at that time.

From here the Hebel hiking trail leads over the Untere Herren Street, the Wiesen trail and Teich Street along the Wiese river to the border in Stetten.

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