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Region Wasserfallen - on the way on the Vogelberg (Photo: Thomas Jundt, flickr.com)
So you don't want to go far, but still want to enjoy nature in a mountain landscape?
In that case, the exciting Wasserfallen region in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft is the place for you.
A cable car will take you up the Wasserfallen mountain. At the top, you will be spoilt for choice: Do you first want to follow a circular trail with a view of snow-covered Alpine peaks? Or would you prefer to follow the Kitz Path with the kids? Or to climb amongst the courses in the forest high wire park?
Whatever you decide, the way down is clear: it has to be by scooter! 4 kilometres of fast, winding road on a scooter...
In winter, when there is snow, you can have fun with a sledge or snowshoes instead. Don't forget to stop and relax with a Swiss cheese fondue afterwards!

From Lörrach it takes about 45 minutes by car to Reigoldswil. You can take public transport via Basel and Liestal, with the number 70 bus to Reigoldswil.
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