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Basel Carnival - Morgestraich (© Staatskanzlei Basel-Stadt, www.bs.ch)

Basel Carnival

A state of exception in Basel for three days: the “drey scheenschte Dääg” (three most beautiful days) are now also part of the immaterial UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
The atmosphere of the “Morgestraich” is indescribable: it starts on Monday after Ash Wednesday, in total darkness. At 4 o’clock on the dot all the city lights go out, followed by a sea of lights from hand-painted lan­terns swaying through the streets and alleys, accompanied by pipes and drums until dawn. After­wards a traditional flour soup or a cheesecake tastes excellent.
The feast continues with parades, the so-called cortèges, with Guggenmusik (amateur music band) concerts, a children’s carnival and the special “Gässle”. At the Gässle, small forma­tions of whistlers and drummers make their way through the city centre, usually in the evening.
By the way: unlike for the German carnival, the audience does not dress up. Only the active carnival participants wear costumes and masks and present their subject.
After exactly 72 hours the spectacle comes to an end: on Thursday morning, again at 4 o’clock on the dot, the carnival ends with the “Endstraich”.
You don’t want to go to Basel the night before the Morgestraich? A special SBB train (S6 from Zell) will take you from Lörrach to Basel early in the morning.
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