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Basel Augustinergasse (© Staatskanzlei Basel-Stadt, www.bs.ch)

Basel’s old town

The pocket-sized metropolis! On walks, there is something to discover at every corner. And when you need a breather, the banks of the Rhine beckon: put your feet in the cool water and let your mind drift...
Basel’s old town in one word: multi-faceted! Intact houses from the 15th century harmoniously coexist beside extraordinary buildings by contemporary architects. Out­standing highlights: the Roman-Gothic cathedral, the red Renaissance City Hall and the theatrical Tinguely fountain!

Five city walks show you the way through the small alleys of Basel’s old town. You will always catch a glimpse of the Rhine, and also pass numerous museums which it is worth taking a look at. You can cross the Rhine on one of the motorless ferries. Or stroll across the middle Rhine bridge.


Experience Basel like the locals: put your clothes and valuables in a “Wickelfisch” (water­tight bathing sack) and go swimming in the Rhine. Let yourself drift 2 kilometres down­stream while enjoying the panorama of the old town. You can get a Wickelfisch in the Lörrach tourist information office. Please pay attention to the safety instructions.

From Lörrach you need only 10 minutes with the S6 to Basel. The old town is within walking distance of both Basel Badischer Bahnhof and Basel SBB. The KONUS guest card is valid on this route. In good weather, a cycle tour is a good idea: 45 minutes along the Wiese.
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