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Roman festival at Augusta Raurica (© Augusta Raurica)
How could visitors to a big Roman theatre understand the text of a play without micro­phones and amplifiers? You can experience this up close in the best preserved antique theatre north of the Alps.
A variety of interactive offers will immerse you in Roman life: baking bread, pottery, mosaics or even taking part in an excavation yourself! Plan your visit individually accord­ing to your interests.
Did you know? The Roman theatre is still used today for events. It has even hosted the Lörrach STIMMEN festival. Just imagine: sitting on warm stone steps on a mild summer evening listening to wonderful concerts in the sunset. A unique experience...

Augusta Raurica can be reached by car from Lörrach in less than half an hour. By public transport you can get there with the S6 via Basel. From Basel SBB take the S1 to Kaiseraugst and after a short walk you will reach the museum and the central buildings. Please note that the KONUS guest card is valid only as far as Basel SBB.
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