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Mountain biking on the Black Forest cycle route

Southern Black Forest Cycle Route

Enjoy Black Forest panoramas en masse on two wheels: the Southern Black Forest Cycle Route is a relaxed cycling route through the Southern Black Forest Nature Park. One variant takes you through Lörrach.
Naturpark Südschwarzwald LogoThe name of the Black Forest brings to mind forests, mountains and endless ranges of hills. And yet on the Southern Black Forest Cycle Route you can enjoy the varied land­scape of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park with almost no slopes.
The 264-kilometre circular route is therefore particularly suitable for touring bikes and families. The only steep ascent – between Kirchzarten and Hinterzarten – can be comfortably bridged by train. For the complete route you should plan three or four daily stages.

Detours and alternatives

Thanks to the continuous signposting, you can enter the circular route anywhere. You can also plan smaller stages. Perhaps the most beautiful section leads you through Lör­rach:

Southern Black Forest Cycle Route alternative “From the Dinkelberg to the Mark­gräflerland”

The route over the sunny Dinkelberg is an excellent alternative to the Basel city stage. And a special nature experience. Over its 44 kilometres, the tour displays the great variety of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park:
From the High Rhine near Rheinfelden the route climbs gently up to the Dinkelberg plateau. Then down into the lovely Wiese valley near Lörrach, over the foothills of the Black Forest to the gently rolling Markgräflerland. Past vineyards and orchards, you cycle back to the Rhine at Schliengen and Bad Bellingen.

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