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Cyclist at the Roman estate in Brombach

Upper Rhine Roman Cycle Route

Take a bike trip into antiquity through one of the most beautiful regions on the Upper Rhine! Follow the traces of the Romans on the Upper Rhine Roman Cycle Route.
Discover the most important places of Roman history on 200 kilometres of cycling pleasure – from the Markgräflerland to the Kaiserstuhl to the Ortenau.
From the first to the fifth century A.D., large parts of southwestern Germany belonged to the Roman Empire. Even today, numerous finds testify to the fact that the Upper Rhine region once belonged to the Imperium Romanum.
The Upper Rhine Roman Cycle Route connects the most important places of the Roman past between Grenzach-Wyhlen and Offenburg. The cycle track is passable in both directions. Along the route, exciting museums with original finds and well-preserved ruins tell of everyday Roman life.

On your stop in Lörrach you can visit the Roman Estate near Brombach as well as finds from the times of the Romans in the Dreiländermuseum.

Touristinformation Lörrach

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79539 Lörrach
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