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Falconer with flying eagle at Steinen Bird Park (© Vogelpark Steinen)
Birds of all imaginable types, sizes and colours live here in large aviaries. The bird information centre is also a great resource on the birds of the region.
Be sure to visit the daily bird of prey show!
The draught of the eagles’ and falcons’ wings can be clearly felt as they make their rounds just above the rows of spectators – until the falconer lures them back and they settle quietly on his arm.
For a nice family outing you can also easily reach the bird park from Lörrach by bike. You need less than an hour to get there.
The park is also easily accessible by public transport:
  • S5/S6 to Steinen
  • Change to bus 7305 (Rathaus Steinen to Hofen Vogelpark Steinen)
  • Journey time: approx. 30 minutes.

Holders of the KONUS guest card travel free of charge
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