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Vitra Design Campus (© Vitra International AG, Foto: Matthiessen)
The Vitra-Haus is already visible from a distance: an ensemble of 12 houses on five floors, thrown together as if from a construction kit. Inside, constantly changing furnish­ing ideas, innovative furniture and outstanding design await you. Plus spectacular views through the large panorama windows!
The tour continues to the Vitra Design Museum with its changing exhibitions, or to the show depot. Or you can take part in one of the architecture tours...
... and then enjoy a relaxed picnic under cherry trees.
From Lörrach you can reach the Vitra Campus by bike, car or public transport. Take the S5 to Weil am Rhein. At the Gartenstadt stop, change to bus 55 and get off at Vitra, Weil am Rhein. The journey is possible with KONUS.
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