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Todtnauer Waterfall (Bild: VDN, Christoph Wasmer)
Admire the natural spectacle as part of a short or longer hike, and to cool off in the summer. If you just want to look and be amazed, use the public car park in the direction of Aftersteg on the L126. You will reach the waterfall after a short walk. Its’s barrier-free.
If you come by public transport, get off at the Todtnau bus station. From there, cross through the pretty village and hike about 3 km uphill towards the waterfall. You will have earned the ice cream at the waterfall kiosk!
The journey from Lörrach via the B317 takes about three quarters of an hour.
Our tip: the waterfall is also worth seeing in winter. But beware of snow and icy paths!
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