Full-text search at: https://www.loerrach.de
Full-text search at: https://www.loerrach.de
Black Forest landscape (© Naturpark Südschwarzwald, Jürgen Gocke)
Lörrach lies at the southwestern tip of the nature park. A short train or car ride puts you right in the middle of the enchanting Black Forest.
Adventure trails, cycle trails and geocaching entice you to explore on your own. In the mood for something a little more sporty? Stroll through the park with snowshoes, climb the rocks or test your limits on the mountain bike summit trail “Gipfeltrail Hochschwarzwald”.
Guided tours and the nature park museums are great ways to learn about the nature and culture of the southern Black Forest. A worthwhile excursion for school classes and for all nature lovers.
Tip: You love cheese? Then don’t miss the nature park cheese route!
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