Erdmannshöhle in Hasel

A truly fabulous excursion: the rooms in which the erdmänner – gnome-like creatures – are said to have lived are called the prince’s tomb, the fairy’s hall and the torture chamber. Fascinating stalactites are reminiscent of a crocodile, a witch’s house, an owl and much more.  
The Erdmannshöhle is about 40 minutes away by public transport. The journey is possible with KONUS. Plan your triphere.By car you need about 30 minutes.

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Tschamberhöhle in Rheinfelden Karsau-Riedmatt

Embark on a magical journey through several million years of the Earth’s history in the Tschamberhöhle. There are only three such show caves in Germany. 
And the cave is located directly on the EuroVelo 15 Rhine Cycle Route. An ideal destination for an excursion by bike!
Get there by public transport in about one hour. Use your KONUS guest card. You can reach the Tschamberhöhle in 25 minutes by car.

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