Touristinformation Lörrach

Basler Straße 170
(Eingang Untere Wallbrunnstraße)
79539 Lörrach
+49 76 21 4 15-1 20

Imposing castle with superb view

Rötteln castleRötteln Castle ruins impressively crown the Wiesental valley. The castle, built in the 11th century, went to the Margrave of Hochberg who made it into one of the most powerful forts in south-west Germany. The fort was raided during the peasants’ uprising of 1525, damaged during the Thirty Years War and destroyed in 1678 during the reign of Louis XIV. With two ascending towers, imposing walls, courtyards, fountains and facades, Rötteln is an impressive example of a medieval castle. Every summer, classical theatre performances take place against this beautiful backdrop.

The late-gothic church of Rötteln was built by Margrave Rudolph III (1404) and is the burial site of the Margrave family. The tombs with their painted figures are some of the most important effigies of the age of chivalry in the region.

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